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Spiritual flip-flopping

Seems as if there is a lot of this sort of thing doing the rounds these days, folks cant seem to make their mind up on a particular spiritual path, it’s fucking easy, look at where you were born & where your ancestors hailed! If you are from the Mediterranean – then you are not of Northern Europe – simple!

Research is good & looking into other spiritual faiths is healthy, but be careful in doing so – as all is not is as it seems!

Got Druidry??? The Queen bows to these fuckers, they are as pick andish as kosher, Churchill was one of the fucks! (Do the research, you will find that along with Druidry, Wicca has the same stamp, it’s all based on the Qabalah & Tarot (Torah???) Got the Talmud too???

Same as so-called Celtic (which is now a fucking fashion statement!)

I have been into the occult long enough to know this. Glamorgan, Mountain Ash, The Queen being made a member of the Gorsedd of Bards in 1946 III - 1280pix

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