Iran: Israel is world’s laughing stock

Top official in Tehran says Netanyahu’s UN speech ‘is mocked by entire world,’ brands PM’s bomb diagram as ‘silly reaction’ to Islamic Republic’s ‘growing power’


A senior Iranian official derided Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN General Assembly speech, and asserted that the Islamic Republic’s “growing power and influence” have angered Jerusalem, the Iranian FARS news agency reported Sunday.

“The fake regime of Israel is mocked by everyone in the world today, although such cheap actions of the leaders of the occupying Zionist regime are nothing new,” top foreign ministry official Hassan Qashqavi said, referring to the cartoon-like bomb illustration that the prime minister presented at the UN General Assembly meeting on Thursday.

Netanyahu used the diagram and a red marker to demonstrate the Iran’s nuclear progress and press the international community to set a “red line” that would stop the atom program in its tracks.

Qashqavi, who was speaking at a ceremony in Iran’s southern city of Kangan, further claimed that Tehran’s might had angered Israeli officials so much that they were driven to using “silly” props.

Netanyahu, who returned to Israel from the US on Sunday, expressed contentment with his speech.

“During my visit here we drew a clear red line for Iran’s nuclear program and we strengthened our coordination with the US administration on the issue,” the prime minister wrote on his Facebook page prior to his flight. “I will continue to make every effort to ensure that the world’s most dangerous country doesn’t obtain the world’s most dangerous weapon.”

Despite the mockery on the part of the Iranians, the General Assembly week ended with an embarrassing incident for the delegation from Tehran; a cameraman who accompanied President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to New York decided to defect to the US.

According to some reports, Hassan Golhandan was soon expected to reunite with his family, which has left Iran for Turkey and now plans to continue to the US.


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