Another Distraction!

It seems some of  so-called Humanity has lost the plot.
We have people in some corners of this planet who are starving!
We are on the verge of a Thermonuclear War – because some  Warmonger  from Israel thinks they are under threat – from a country that has *NEVER* invaded another nation for over 100 years!
The Bankers are robbing us with their artificial-debt scam!
We have disabled folks who are being persecuted!
Fuel prices continue to rise (we are on the verge of Winter folks!) in which the vulnerable could die!

Yet we seem keen to be more focused on a Badger-Cull!!!

Oh, & to those so-called Human-Beings that think Humans are scum – do us a favour; go to your nearest Cliff – then take a JUMP!!!

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