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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned against attempts by nationalist parties to stir up ethnic discord and disintegrate the country, as he stepped up his presidential campaign.

“We’ve lived together for centuries. And we will live together in the future. And to those who want or are trying to divide us, I can say just one thing — keep waiting,” Putin wrote in an article published on Monday.

Putin added that such attempts would have the potential to bring the destruction of the Russian folk – and the Russian state
“If a multi-ethnic society is hit by bacteria of nationalism it loses its strength and durability. Connivance with attempts to foment ethnic strife and hatred towards people of another culture or faith can trigger far-reaching consequences,” he added.

Putin comments comes after Nationalist groups, who have joined the growing protest movements across Russia, called for a withdrawal from the North Caucasus where Russia has fought two wars against Chechen separatists in the past 20 years.

Tens of thousands took to the streets of Russia in a wave of protest unseen during the prime minister’s 12-year rule to denounce the allegedly fraudulent parliamentary elections held on December 4.

“Attempts to advocate the construction of a Russian ‘national,’ monotonic state contradicts our thousands of years old history,” Putin added.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is reportedly due to become prime minister under a prospective Putin presidency in March 2012 — a job swap bitterly criticized by the opposition.

Putin’s presidency ended in 2008 after two consecutive terms because the Russian constitution prevented him from running a third term, however he will be free to run again on March 4 presidential election.


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Business daily Kommersant cites source close to Russia’s Rosoboronexport state arms trader, that $550-million deal envisages delivery of 36 Yak-130 aircraft.


Russia has signed a contract to sell combat jets to Syria in a show of support for President Bashar Assad’s regime, a newspaper reported Monday.

The business daily Kommersant said, citing a source close to Russia’s Rosoboronexport state arms trader, that the $550-million deal envisages the delivery of 36 Yak-130 aircraft. A spokesman for Rosoboronexport refused to comment on the report.

If confirmed, the deal would mark an open defiance of international efforts to put pressure on Assad’s regime, which has faced broad condemnation for its brutal crackdown on an uprising. The UN says more than 5,400 people have died over 10 months.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said last week that Moscow doesn’t consider it necessary to offer an explanation or excuses over suspicions that a Russian ship had delivered munitions to Syria despite an EU arms embargo.

Lavrov told a news conference that Russia was acting in full respect of international law and wouldn’t be guided by unilateral sanctions imposed by other nations.

He accused the West of turning a blind eye to attacks by opposition militants and supplies of weapons to the Syrian opposition from abroad and warned that Russia will block any attempt by the West to secure United Nations support for the use of force against Syria.

Russia has been a strong ally of Syria since Soviet times when the country was led by the president’s father Hafez Assad. It has supplied Syria with aircraft, missiles, tanks and other modern weapons.

The Yak-130 is a twin-engined combat trainer jet that can also be used to attack ground targets. The Russian air force has recently placed an order for 55 such jets.


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Israel-Firster: “Take Out the President”

by Justin Raimondo

There’s no doubt about it: Andrew B. Adler, the editor of the Atlanta Jewish   Times, is afool.   His article   advocating the assassination of President Obama has by now beenbroadcast   all over the internet, and brought condemnation from every quarter down on his   head. His tearful   apologies, his denials   that he actually meant to call for Obama’s death, and the swiftness with which   major Jewish organizations distanced themselves from his crazed call are, perhaps,   punishment enough for the poor man: I can’t help feeling sorry for him.

The Atlanta Jewish Times   is not exactly the Forward: with a circulation of around 3,000, it is   an obscure publication that carries news of the local Jewish community and is   seemingly typical of the dozens of similar niche newspapers throughout the country   – except, of course, for the views of its editor, which are by   no means typical of the Jewish community. That being said, this incident   underscores a phenomenon that has been largely overlooked until recently, and   that is the extremism of a certain segment of the pro-Israel community. That   this element is present in the Jewish community was acknowledged by none other   than my old friend   Abe Foxman, of the Anti-Defamation League, in his statement   condemning Adler’s piece:

“There is absolutely no excuse, no justification, no rationalization for this kind of rhetoric. It doesn’t even belong in fiction. These are irresponsible and extremist words. It is outrageous and beyond the pale. An apology cannot possibly repair the damage.

“Irresponsible rhetoric metastasizes into more dangerous rhetoric. The ideas expressed in Mr. Adler’s column reflect some of the extremist rhetoric that unfortunately exists – even in some segments of our community – that maliciously labels President Obama as an ‘enemy of the Jewish people.’”

Foxman is right: there are indeed extremists among us who could easily be incited   to act on Adler’s recommendation – and not all or even most of them are of the   Jewish faith. We have millions   of Christians in this country who have theological reasons for fanatically   supporting the state of Israel, even over and above the interests of their own   country – not that they would ever admit the possibility of any “daylight”   between the nations. They are, to put it in popular parlance, “Israel-Firsters,”   and proudly so.

Adler, for his part, appears to be at least a sympathizer of the Chabad   movement, an international ultra-orthodox movement some of whose followers   reportedlycheered   the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish extremist. I won’t get into their   theological justification for such kookiness: suffice to say that Chabad has   allied itself with the mostextreme   elements, including within   Israel, with parties and   politicians   who call for the expulsion of all Arabs. Chabad of Georgia claims   Adler is not a member, but this has to be taken with a very large grain of salt:   after all, visitors to the web site   of his newspaper are greeted by a promotion   for the local Chabad organization.

Whether he is an official member, or merely a sympathizer, is a detail, however:   the larger picture is that the scenario imagined by Adler in his piece reflects   the all-too-familiar narrative   put out there by our Israel-Firsters, and by the Netanyahu   government, which is that Israel currently faces an “existential” crisis,   the inevitable result of which will be a second Holocaust:

“You are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. You are responsible for 7 million Israeli citizens who comprise the state of Israel. You wake up one morning, and the Israel Defense Forces’ military commander hands you a detailed report regarding what to expect during a major conflict with Hezbollah and Syria five years from today.

“The report states that Israel will come under fire from 15,000 rockets and missiles, and that casualties will be in the thousands. That’s thousands, not hundreds- thousands.

“Simultaneously, another IDF military commander strolls over while you are finishing your first cup of coffee and hands you a report that Iran has reached nuclear launch capabilities.

“If that’s not enough, an Israeli diplomat informs you that you cannot expect much help from the United States due to its newly implemented military budget and the administrations never ending “Alice in Wonderland” belief that diplomacy is the answer.

“To all the Netanyahus out there, what do you do?”

Adler has three suggestions: 1) “Order a pre-emptive strike against both Hezbollah and Hamas,”2) “Go against Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s wishes that Israel take a lethal bullet in the name of preserving a healthy, worldwide economic climate, and order the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities at all costs”, and 3) “Give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.”

Adler describes these actions as possible “options,” and you’ll note they aren’t   mutually exclusive – although carrying out the third option, in tandem with   numbers one and two, seems like overkill , if you’ll pardon the expression.   Yes, but not to someone so imbued with apocalyptic urgency that he would seriously   contemplate the third option. Because, you see, Israel’s very existence is   imperiled: it’ faces an “existential   threat.” Once you accept this premise, the idea that one could save the   lives of millions of Israelis by sacrificing the life of one man – even if he   is President of the United States – becomes all too plausible. True believers   in the “existential threat” narrative would have every reason to not only entertain   the prospect of assassinating a President they thought was anti-Israel – or   even a secret   Muslim – they would consider it a moral duty, whether they did it for religious   reasons or out of a devotion to pure utilitarianism.

In Friday’s column   I wrote about the case of the DC Five, the five bloggers for two liberal Washington   think tanks who were reprimanded – and, in one case, fired – because they used   the term “Israel Firster.” The same organizations – the American Jewish Committee,   the ADL, etc. – that pounced on Adler had just finished jumping all over the   DC Five for engaging in “toxic” and “classically anti-Semitic” discourse, promoting   the “myth” of “dual loyalty” among Jewish-Americans and supporters of Israel   more generally. James   Kirchick, of the Foundation   for the Defense of Democracies, claims to have traced the etymology of “Israel   Firster” back to Willis   Carto, the notorious anti-Semite who published The Spotlight newspaper:   avid researcher Kirchick doesn’t even bother trying to prove the term originated   with Carto (after all, how could one prove such a thing?): it’s enough for him   that Carto’s obscure publication used terms like “Israel-Firster” and routinely   hurled unfounded accusations of “dual loyalty” to make the entire subject off   limits to the rest of us.

In answer to defenders of the DC Five who say their writings are being taken   out of context, Kirchick argues   they are encouraging “far right” anti-Semitic discourse taken straight from   The Spotlight’s repertoire, and adds:

As if there were ever a context, other than that of, say, Jonathan Pollard, in which it would be appropriate to label an American Jew an‘Israel-firster’ or ‘dual loyalist.’”

I would ask Kirchick to read Adler’s article, and then revise his sweeping   statement. Surely Adler qualifies as a bona fide “Israel-Firster”: he’s no Pollard,   and he is very far from being an anomaly. Never mind his Jewishness: there are   probably far more alleged Christians immersed in a similarly apocalyptic   mindset who are just as likely to draw the same demented conclusions.

The leaders of pro-Israel groups who lined up demanding the purge of the DC Five, are in denial: if they doubt the existence of Israel-Firsters, let them read the words of an American citizen calmly contemplating the assassination of his own President – in the name of “saving” Israel.

Let them also begin to take some responsibility for Adler’s frame of mind:   faithfully echoing the hysterical cries of the Netanyahu government, they have   pushed the idea that Israel faces an “existential threat” from Iran against   all available evidence. The chief persecutor of the DC Five, one Josh   Block – a former AIPAC spokesman and longtime Democratic party operative   – told Politico there is “no   room” for “political rhetoric that is hostile to Israel, or suggests   that Iran has no nuclear weapons program” in “mainstream Democratic party   discourse.”

As our policymakers contemplate going to war with Iran, the Israel-Firsters among us want to stop the debate before it even begins. They want to police our language so as to make it impossible to even talk about the issue in terms of what serves America’s national interest.

I am struck by how much the War Party’s case for war with Iran resembles the   “ticking   time bomb” argument used to justify torture. Torture advocates routinely   pose the question in the following terms: suppose you were confronted with the   imminent destruction of New York City by a nuclear device, and your choice was   either to torture the details of the plot out of a captive terrorist or allow   the destruction of the city – which would you choose? This limns the scenario   Adler presented to his readers, in which the “ticking time bomb” of a supposedly   pending nuclear attack on Israel is prevented by the assassination of the President.   Granted, it’s an extreme “solution” – but, hey, only an anti-Semite could possibly   object.

The reality is quite different from the impending apocalypse projected by the   Israel lobby, which Adler takes to its “logical” and thoroughly nutty conclusion.   Bristling with weapons bought and paid   for by you and I, its hundreds   of nukes aimed straight at Tehran, the Jewish state has easily repelled repeated   attempts by its neighbors to enforce the Palestinians’ claimed “right of return”:   its military superiority is unquestioned. Our ownNational   Intelligence Estimate informs us Tehran stopped trying to create a nuclear   weapons program in 2003, and in spite of a relentless propaganda campaign no   new evidence has been uncovered to convincingly show otherwise. Yet to listen   to Israel’s leaders, and their amen corner in the US, one would think nuclear-tipped   missiles are already hurtling toward Tel Aviv. By manufacturing this phony “existential   threat,” the Israel lobby implicitly gave the green light to idiots like Adler,   who take their cynical propaganda dead seriously.

Everyone was shocked by Adler’s article, but was anyone besides Kirchick, Foxman & Co. really surprised? In the context of the hysterics engaged in by Israel’s most vocal“defenders,” this was likely to happen sooner or later. Let us hope and pray no one is sufficiently “inspired” by their rhetoric to act out Adler’s prescription for Israel’s continued survival.


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By Dr. Elias Akleh

January 22nd.  2012

There are increasing indications, although slim but hopeful, that more Israeli Jews are awakening to the satanic realities of the Zionist Greater Israel Project in the heart of the Arab World. The Jews in general and Israeli Jews in particular, had been subjected for thousands of years to an extremist religiously fundamentalist brainwashing sinister scheme. Its goal is to implant in the Jewish collective psyche the satanic ideology of God’s chosen people in God’s promised land, and that it is their “mitzvah”, their religious duty, to terrorize and murder ALL GOYEMS, and to steal all their wealth and their land for the ultimate purpose of creating a Jewish only world with Jerusalem as the center of the world.

Shortly after its inception few thousand years ago Judaism, as a religion, had been grossly distorted and misinterpreted by extremist political rabbis who had morphed it into an aggressive colonial religious ideology with the goal of creating a Jewish-controlled world. Thus Jews (Israelites), rather than the human race, were designated as God’s chosen people, and Palestine (the land of Canaan) in the heart of the old world, rather than planet Earth, as God’s promised land. With a racist, vindictive, murdering god (check the Old Testament) this ideology permits the Jews to kill all non-Jews for the sake of creating a Jewish only state (Israel). This extremist political religious ideology is known at present as Zionism.

The Jews were brainwashed that since they are chosen by god they are envied and hated by the rest of the human races, who are out to persecute them and to kill them. They are taught that all non-Jews are inflicted with an intrinsically pathological disease called anti-Semitism meaning anti-Jewish as if Jews are the only Semitic nation. To protect themselves they are instructed to live under the leadership of their rabbis in their own Jewish only communities (ghettos) separated from the others. Although Jews are citizens of different countries and are members of different ethnicities they are told that they are persecuted in every country and that they had suffered multiple holocausts. They are urged to deny their original citizenships and to immigrate to Palestine, an alleged empty land, their promised land, to establish a Jewish-only state, where they could live safely and peacefully. Those misguided, who followed this calling, discovered that they had to become militarized and to commit genocidal crimes against the indigenous people; the Palestinians, and to steal the land in order to establish their Jewish state. Instead of this promised safety they discovered that they have to live in perpetual wars the rest of their lives.

Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli Jewish musician and writer, born in Israel but left to live in the UK, argued in one of his articles “The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews” that one has to understand the Jewish culture in the light of Judaic teachings in order to grasp the magnitude of the barbaric crimes the Jewish state had committed against humanity.“Zionism was rather effective in transforming the Old Testament from a spiritual text into a land registry” he stated.

Nurit Peled-Elhanan, a professor of language and education in the Hebrew University in Israel, had lost her young daughter in a suicide bombing. After some soul searching she had discovered that Israeli Jews as well as other Jews in the Western countries who received Jewish education “… were raised on false and racist values; actually on hetero-phobia”. She argues that anti-Semitism (anti-Jewish) is the result of the actions of the only government in the world (Israeli government) who deliberately sends young Jewish boys and girls to their certain death, and who persecute, to the point of genocide, another Semitic nation (the Palestinians). She explains that the reason Palestinian demonstrators carry signs equating the Star of David with the Nazi Swastika is due to the actions of the Israeli government and its army rather than a morbid hatred to the Jews.

Elhanan, similar to Atzmon, blames the false Judaic teachings for turning Jewish children into murdering monsters, killing, torturing and humiliating other non-Jewish children, their parents and their grandparents, and sacrificing their own lives for the megalomania of the Israeli chiefs. She stated in one of her lectures“In the so-called Western enlightened world everyone feels very well founded when they blame Islam for suicide bombing and terror, but who would ever blame Judaism for murder?  And yet ultraorthodox Jewish children who had never left Brooklyn know that to kill Arabs is a Mitzvah “holy commandment” for they are wild beasts, and Israeli children actually commit the crimes of slaughter and torture. However neither Judaism nor Islam or any religion for that matter is the cause for murder and terror. Racist education is, American imperialism is, an Israeli ruthless regime of occupation is.”

Lillian Rosengarten is a Jewish pacifist writer, who had sailed to Gaza along with six other Jews aboard a humanitarian boat, but was kidnapped by the Israeli navy to Ashdod. She was then deported and banned entry to Israel for 10 years. It seems that Israel welcomes only warmongering Jews and rejects humanitarian dissenting Jews like Rosengarten.

Rosengarten also criticized the hetero-phobic values instilled in the Jewish psyche due to the “blurring the distinction between Zionist nationalism and Jewish religion”. She statesthat Israelis in general do not know Palestinians.  They are taught from early age that all Palestinians are terrorists, who hate Jews and want to drive them into the sea. She exposes the myth of Israel as the only peace loving democracy in the Middle East as a deception because “A Jewish state created through subjugation, occupation, collective punishment and humiliation of Palestinians is not a democracy.” She accuses the Zionist Israeli government of gross human rights abuses of Palestinians, actions that create anti Jewish sentiments. She emphasizes that “it is not difficult to understand how brutalization invites hate. We can only guess how the children of Gaza (and all Palestinians as well) who grow up amidst the endless violence, suffering, death and so much hopelessness, will grow up to despise the people (Jews) who are their enemy.” She predicts that the Zionist Israeli Project is doomed to failure due to “Israel’s contempt and intolerance for other religions and cultures, and the desire to be a Jewish state.”

To sustain the momentum of the Zionist Project to reach its sinister goal, it was necessary to feed it with new warmongering young blood to replace the old and the depleted, and what is a better way to do so than programming the Jewish collective conscious of the new generations since childhood when their minds are still gullible, pliable, and open to suggestions. If they believe in the tooth fairy they would believe in Zionism especially if it is reinforced in their mind within every step of their mental and psychological development.

In a previous article, “Israel’s Terrorist Educational System”, I explained how Israel has become a full fledge militarized society through the militarization of their educational system that glorifies military power and war as the only way of Israeli life. It paints military service as the ultimate religious service that their god requests them to perform. It reinforces the concept of might is right. The most prominent characteristic of the Israeli educational system is its militarized color, where military personnel are entrusted with the management of all the educational institutions and the teaching of students. Israel also has rabbi-run and managed religious military institutions, known as “Yishovot Hahsadir”, that combine religious and military extremism, where gullible young Jewish minds are constantly fed with racist Zionist religious indoctrination as well as military training. With an angry, jealous, vengeful and murdering Judaic god, who murders even groups of his chosen people as well as their enemies, Israeli young generations learn that murder is a divine act rather than the ultimate sin.

Many Israeli scholars and writers seem to agree to this analysis. Israeli scholar and writer Erna Kazin noted that Israeli scholastic curriculums are designed to raise students, since childhood, within a militarized atmosphere glorifying the military in order to prepare students to become soldiers in the Israeli army. In his study “Israeli Struggle in the Hebrew Scholastic History Books’ Israeli researcher at Haifa University, Eli Bodia, concluded that the curriculum is deeply distorted by extreme Zionist ideology, breeds hatred against Arabs generally and Palestinians specifically, and had been a contributing obstacle to any real peace treaty with Palestinians.

Nurit Peled-Elhanan had noted, in her lecture, that the most recent history school books are more like military manifests. They justify massacres of Palestinians as allegedly saving the lives of Israelis, or as reprisals that restore the dignity and morality of the Israeli army and the confidence to the Jewish citizens. Dir Yasin massacre, as an example, is described as the incentive for the Palestinian flight that allows the creation of Israeli state and as necessary for Jewish existence. She explains that the cruel and criminal actions of the Israeli army, whose troops are very young in late teens and early twenties of age, can be understood through the study of their grossly distorted school text books that they had been indoctrinated with starting with their elementary through their high school education, that had been instrumental in shaping their values and perceptions of themselves as the elite race, the chosen people, and others as inferior races.

The observer can detect the presence of uniformed soldiers on duty stationed in Israeli schools as part of the school staff. In collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Defense the Israeli army operates two large-scale youth programs; a Teacher-Soldier program to train soldiers to become teacher, and a Youth-Guide program preparing students for military service. In the Youth-Guide program students are almost always in military uniform and report to both civilian and military superiors, promote militarism and exercise war games, and acclimate to viewing themselves as an integral part of the army. A 1974 teachers’ guide titled “When a Nation Reports for Duty” promotes military enlistment stating: “The entire people carry the burden of the war effort, and it is divided between those who wear the IDF uniform and the civilians who are not directly recruited by the IDF. Therefore it should be understood that (every) civilian carries the burden of the war effort”

Besides schooling students are exposed to military ceremonies, commemorations, speeches, field trips to military bases and holiday celebrations of battles with the enemy. Since 1984 training for military service was included in the school curriculum to prepare students for conscription into Youth Battalions. This reminds us of Germany’s Hitler-Youth program Israelis keep complaining about but seem to adopt it for their own youths.

The hetero-phobia, Elhanan sees Israelis raised on, can be detected in all the Israeli literatures starting with the children stories. Her research found that Israeli school books call the Arab citizens of Israel a demographic threat and the enemy from within. They are not represented as intelligent humans but as uneducated, primitive farmers, terrorists, thieves, unskilled, lazy and stupid. Palestinians, specifically, and Arabs generally are described as non-Jews; a clear racist perception. The Israeli history school books define Palestinian refugees living under Israeli occupation as a problem to be solved, not any different than the Nazi definition of German Jews as problem to be solved. Geography text books never show Israel as a state, but represent what is called the land of Israel without any borders and include large parts of the Arab World.

The book “Through the Hebrew Looking-Glass; Arab Stereotypes in Children’s Literature” by Palestinian writer Fouzi El-Asmar is an analytical study of the image of the Palestinian Arab in Israeli commercial story-books for children. El-Asmar concludes that the Israeli children literature “aims to perpetuate a lowly and despicable image of the Arab”. The Arabs are portrait as uneducated, dirty, cursing, corrupt, Bedouins, gangsters, robbers, saboteurs, foreign infiltrators, and land robbers, who stole the Jewish homeland and want to throw Jews in the sea.

The Arab Writers Guild published a study entitled “Racist Inclination in the Israeli Educational Curriculum” in Arabic by scholars Samir Sam’an and Khalil Sawahiri. The study describes the racist Judaic religious curriculum despising other religions; Christianity and Islam. It discusses the Israeli distortions of Palestine’s history and geography. It has a whole section about the racist Zionist values instilled in the Israeli educational system. Another interesting chapter analyzes racism in the Israeli children literature with some examples.

Yet the Israelis have the vulgar audacity to blame Palestinians and Arabs for raising their children to become “terrorists”. The attacks on the Arab and Islamic educational systems intensified after the Zionist-planned/Israeli-perpetrated attacks of September 11. The Israeli and American media concentrated their criticism of Islamic Madrasas (schools) claiming that they breed terrorists. The Bush administration had allocated $270 million of tax payers’ money to what his administration described as Middle Eastern programmes for literacy, education and reform to modernize and decentralize the educational systems of the Arab World to become more tolerable and accepting to other cultures. This endeavor was led by Elizabeth Cheney, then Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. Cheney praised the cooperation of some Arab states (Jordan and Maghreb) especially Egypt who was instrumental in the program. The Egyptian daily “Rosa El-Yusef” reported that Suzan Mubarak, the wife of deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, is under investigation for receiving $300 million bribe from the Israeli Consulate in Egypt to affect change in the Egyptian religious and history educational curriculum to become more Israeli friendly. Sarcastically, Benyamin Ben-Eliezar, an Israeli MP, is asking for the money back after deposing Mubarak family from office, according to the Egyptian daily.

The culture of racism and hate of all non-Jews infested in the hearts of the majority of Israelis will be their ultimate doom. Anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish sentiments are on the increase all over the world, including within the US, their strongest ally. This sentiment is a natural reaction to the barbaric, Spartan, Nazi Zionist Israeli occupation of Palestine, to the Israeli violations of all international laws and human rights, and to the Jewish contempt, rejection, and usury of all non-Jews. Most important this hate will eat Israelis from within. As has been disclosed recently the hate and discrimination between the different religious and political groups and ethnicities of Israelis are on the rise. Discrimination is rampant in the Israeli society against African Jews (Ethiopians in particular and blacks; “Kushim”, in general) and against Asian Jews (Iraqi, Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, and Chinese Jews). Religious discrimination against women is increasing demanding that women sit in the rear of the bus, similar to American blacks in the 50’s and 60’s. There is a discriminatory war going on between Western and Occidental Jews, and between the different religious factions; Hasidic, Ultra-Orthodox, Hareidi, and Chabad-Lubavitch religious groups.

Breeding hatred in Israel against all others who are differen turns inward against the different factions of the Israeli fabric. War is their only uniting factor. Israeli Jews are caught between a life of hatred and a life of perpetual war. I hope more Israeli Jews will wake up to the ugly realities of their state as Atzmon, Elhanan and Rosengarten had done.


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