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Newt Gingrich lacks the moral character to serve as President, his second ex-wife Marianne told ABC News, saying his campaign positions on the sanctity of marriage and the importance of family values do not square with what she saw during their 18 years of marriage.

In her first television interview since the 1999 divorce, to be broadcast tonight on Nightline, Marianne Gingrich, a self-described conservative Republican, said she is coming forward now so voters can know what she knows about Gingrich.

In her most provocative comments, the ex-Mrs. Gingrich said Newt sought an “open marriage” arrangement so he could have a mistress and a wife.

She said when Gingrich admitted to a six-year affair with a Congressional aide, he asked her if she would share him with the other woman, Callista, who is now married to Gingrich.

“And I just stared at him and he said, ‘Callista doesn’t care what I do,’” Marianne Gingrich told ABC News. “He wanted an open marriage and I refused.”

Marianne described her “shock” at Gingrich’s behavior, including how she says she learned he conducted his affair with Callista “in my bedroom in our apartment in Washington.”

“He always called me at night,” she recalled, “and always ended with ‘I love you.’ Well, she was listening.”

All this happened, she said, during the same time Gingrich condemned President Bill Clinton for his lack of moral leadership.

She said Newt moved for the divorce just months after she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, with her then-husband present.

“He also was advised by the doctor when I was sitting there that I was not to be under stress. He knew,” she said.

Gingrich divorced his first wife, Jackie, as she was being treated for cancer. His relationship with Marianne began while he was still married to Jackie but in divorce proceedings, Marianne said.

There was no immediate comment from Gingrich on his ex-wife’s allegations. Gingrich has said during the campaign he has “no relationship” with Marianne.

While she had been quoted earlier as saying she could end his career, Marianne Gingrich defended Newt’s ethics while he served in Congress and came under several ethics investigations.

“At the time, I believed him to be ethical,” she said in the interview.

The former Mrs. Gingrich says Newt began to plan a run for President at the time of the divorce and told her that Callista “was going to help him become President.”

In a statement to ABC News provided by the campaign, Gingrich’s two daughters from his first marriage said, “The failure of a marriage is a terrible and emotional experience for everyone involved.”

The daughters, Kathy Lubbers and Jackie Cushman said they would not say anything negative about Marianne and said their father “regrets any pain he may have caused in the past to people he loves.”

Marianne Gingrich said Newt has never expressed any such regrets or apologized to her.


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Paul Sheldon Foote



January 19, 2012

The American mainstream media has become so bad that many people refer to it as the lamestream media.


As an American who has lived and worked in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and in Asia, I have years of experience with being able to compare what Americans were learning about foreign countries from the American media with what was really happening in those countries.  Unfortunately, millions of Americans who have not lived and worked overseas continue to rely upon America’s mainstream media.  Their beliefs in lies results in endless wars, deaths, and in the economic decline of America.  Everyone is responsible for seeking the most accurate sources of information.  No one should be consuming the slop of lies served at the troughs of the American mainstream media.

Accuracy In Media (AIM) and Kenneth R. Timmerman

Even worse, there are television programs and websites claiming to monitor the accuracy of American media.  For example, Accuracy In Media (AIM) has published on January 9, 2012: “Tehran TV Loves Ron Paul” by Kenneth R. Timmerman.  This should become a case study in future books and courses on the inaccuracies of America’s lamestream media and of media watchdogs.


Timmerman has attacked Press TV for its use of American politicians, self-declared political analysts, and experts.  Timmerman failed to note my academic credentials, my position as a professor, and my international working experiences.  He failed to note, also, my appearances in media other than Press TV:  China Radio International (CRI) and RT (Russia Today Television).  How can I be an expert on CRI and on RT but not on Press TV?  I have lived and worked in Iran, including working at the American Embassy in Tehran.  My wife of 43 years is an Iranian.  How dare Timmerman question the credentials of the guests on Press TV?  Has Timmerman ever visited Iran?  Why should anyone believe anything that Timmerman writes about Iran or about the Middle East?  I am a professor with degrees from The University of Michigan, Harvard Business School, and from Michigan State University.  I studied Persian at Harvard University.  For Timmerman’s academic credentials, see the links below.

Who says that Timmerman is an expert on any subject?  The Israel Unity Coalition says so:

“In 1982, Timmerman was taken hostage by terrorists in Lebanon, and spent 24 days in an underground cell under constant aerial and artillery bombardment.”

While the Israel Unity Coalition claims that Timmerman has been an investigative reporter, the organization does not reveal employers or other sources of income.

For better reviews of Timmerman’s credentials and writings, see:




Neo-Conservative (Neo-Trotskyite) Chickenhawks

Has Timmerman ever visited Iran?  Does he speak Persian?  Why does Timmerman have no military service?

For a list of many American politicians who are chickenhawks, see this.

Why do the neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) support endless wars, the bankrupting of America, and the deaths of American soldiers but not serve in the military?

While I was an officer in the American Army in Vietnam, I would not recommend any American family to send sons and daughters to die in endless Zionist wars.  America’s worst enemies are in America:  Zionists, Christian Zionists, and Neo-Conservatives (Neo-Trotskyites).

Ron Paul

Press TV does interview many guests who are Ron Paul supporters. 

In July 2003, Congressman Ron Paul (Republican—Texas) warned about the neo-Conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) with “We’ve Been Neo-Conned”.

Americans who trust America’s lamestream media have paid with lives and money for their ignorant support of Zionist wars.

In Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, I have supported and contributed to the campaigns.  As a lifelong Republican, I shall vote for only Ron Paul in 2012.  The other Republican candidates are not real Republicans.  As a student at The University of Michigan in the 1960’s, I worked on the campaign for governor of Governor George Romney.  Today, I cannot support Mitt Romney.

Neo-Conservatives are Neo-Troskyites

Timmerman fails to explain to persons who claim to be conservatives that Neo-Conservatives are Neo-Trotskyites.  The term neo-conservative is a derogatory term created by communists who understood how the admirers of Trotsky were infiltrating the Democratic and Republican parties by pretending to be anti-communists.  Admirers of Trotsky are anti-Stalin, not anti-communist.  For details, read:

The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel by Stephen J. Sniegoski

You may listen to Justin Raimondo explaining how communists became Republicans here.

Anyone who claims to be a Republican who supports neo-Conservatives is an example of the success of America’s lamestream media.

See, also, the film Idiocracy.

Iran is not an existential threat to Israel

Even half-truths are lies.  Timmerman’s highly selective quotations are extremely dishonest.  Tamir Pardo, Mossad chief, in the Israeli publication Haaretz, disagrees with Timmerman’s views.

Rick Santorum and the Iranian Communist MEK Terrorists

Timmerman noted that Press TV was critical of Rick Santorum.  Timmerman failed to disclose that for years he was a very prolific writer of articles attacking the Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran) terrorists.  For example, on January 24, 2003, he criticized the New York Times for running a full-page advertisement supporting these communist terrorists.  Timmerman noted:

“The ad included photographs of six of the 150 members of Congress who allegedly had signed a recent statement of support for the MEK. Top billing went to Florida Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who circulated the pro-MEK letter among her congressional colleagues. She and others have signed previous letters of support for the group.”

“Also appearing were Reps. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), Bob Filner (D-Calif.), Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) and Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.).”

‘Gray Lady’ Runs Ad for Terrorists

Daily Insight – Jan. 24, 2003


Timmerman failed to disclose that he knows me.  In the past, I have exchanged emails and telephone calls with Timmerman about the MEK terrorists.  At my request, Timmerman met with Michael Giorgino, a Republican candidate for Congress opposing Congressman Bob Filner (Democrat—California, MEK supporter, and son of a communist party candidate for Congress).

In one telephone conversation, I asked Timmerman why he had reduced the number of articles he was writing about the MEK.  I told him that there had been numerous opportunities to write articles since American and coalition forces attacked Camp Ashraf, Iraq in March 2003.  He claimed that editors were not interested in the MEK anymore.

In September 2005, Timmerman spoke at an Iranian monarchist demonstration in New York City.  He wrote an article explaining how the MEK pays large amounts of money for demonstrators.

To my shock, Timmerman started writing in support of the Iran Freedom Support Act(sponsored by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, MEK supporter).  In addition, he wrote approvingly of Senator Rick Santorum, an MEK supporter who wanted to provide funding for Iranian “pro-democracy” groups.  There is nothing democratic about the Pol Pot of Iran.

For details about the MEK, see:




Timmerman should have been writing articles condemning Santorum as a traitor for supporting the MEK.  Instead, Timmerman is critical of Press TV for negative reporting about Santorum.

How many Americans have even heard of the MEK in America’s lamestream media?  How many Americans know that America’s State Department placed the MEK on the terrorist list during the administration of former President Bill Clinton?  How many Americans know that American soldiers have died taking these communist terrorists on shopping trips from Camp Ashraf, Iraq to Baghdad?  How many Americans know that the American government uses the MEK and other terrorist organizations to commit terrorist activities?

If you know these details, it is unlikely that you learned this from America’s lamestream media.  Sometimes, you can find the truth in America’s lamestream media: 

The Cult of Rajavi


Published: July 13, 2003

Holocaust and Genocide Denial Laws

Timmerman claimed that I promote Holocaust deniers.   Anyone who wants to monitor the accuracy of Timmerman’s claims may request being my friend at Facebook:

I do post articles relating to Holocaust and genocide denial laws.  I am opposed to totalitarian thought police laws and penalties. 



Sir Gerald Kaufman, a Jewish member of the British parliament and Zionist who lost relatives in the Holocaust, has described Israel as acting like Nazis in Gaza.

See, also, the writings of True Torah Jews who have lost relatives in the Holocaust but who oppose Zionism and who have met with political leaders in Iran.

Instead of denying holocausts and genocides, there should be more research.  For example, who was responsible for the Armenian genocide in Turkey?


By Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Enlarged Second Edition

Complete 575 page book is available by clicking here for the free PDF file (3.8 MB)

Who was responsible for the murders of tens of millions of Christians in the Soviet Union?

Sever Plocker–Stalin’s Jews

We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish

Everyone needs to know more about genocides, not less.

Zionism is Communism

Zionist writers fail to disclose that Zionism is Communism.  Moses Hess, nicknamed the Communist Rabbi by early Marxists, helped Karl Marx write The Communist Manifesto.  Hess wrote a book proposing Zionism:  Rome and Jerusalem.  Free copies of this 1862 book are available online here.

For an analysis of Zionism and Communism, read:

Moses Hess: Prophet of Communism and Zionism [Paperback]

Shlomo Avineri (Author)

For the truth about Christian Zionism, see:



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