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UK to face boldest anti-monarchy protest

Britain’s leading anti-monarchy campaign, Republic, has arranged the “biggest and boldest” protest against the British monarchy at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012.

It is predicted that thousands of the republicans would participate in the major anti-monarchy protest against hereditary power and privilege and would call for the abolition of the kingdom.

The protests would be staged on Sunday June 3, when a group of about thousand boats, led by the Queen Elisabeth and the country’s senior politicians, will tour along the Thames from Putney to Tower Bridge. The protesters would greet the boats with massive demonstrations as they travel through central London.

Other protests would also be held on June 4 in front of the BBC jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace and on June 5 outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

Republic spokesman Graham Smith stressed that the campaign’s jubilee protest would be the greatest anti-monarchy protest in modern times. He said that more than a quarter of the British public want the monarchy abolished, and “that’s only going to grow as Charles gets closer to the throne.”

Smith believed that the jubilee would give the campaign an exceptional chance to promote the republican alternative and help building a stronger movement for change. “We expect our numbers to swell and our profile to increase during the jubilee, just as they did after the royal wedding.”

“Sixty years of one head of state is nothing to celebrate in any democratic society. The hereditary system is offensive to all the democratic values this country has fought for in the past. We don’t plan to let these celebrations go unchallenged,” Smith added.

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