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Would Israel Tell US Before Attacking Iran? Gen. Dempsey Not Sure

Would Israel Tell US Before Attacking Iran? Gen. Dempsey Not Sure « The Ugly Truth

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Dempsey Sees Differences in US, Israeli Position
Israel is constantly threatening to attack Iran, but it has long been assumed that it would come with some advanced notice to the Obama Administration, if only based on the hope that the US would join in.

General Martin Dempsey, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, isn’t so sure about that however. Speaking to Reuters Dempsey said he had no idea if Israel would actually warn the US ahead of time.

Dempsey said the US was convinced that the “right path” involved ever increasing sanctions along with “the stated intent not to take any options off the table” but said he wasn’t sure Israel agreed.

The US, of course, regularly threatens to attack Iran in the course of the “all options on the table” conversation, but Israel has said they need to threaten more often, and in recent weeks speculation has risen that Israel will attack unilaterally before winter.


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Obama: ‘No ally more important than Israel’

Obama: ‘No ally more important than Israel’ « The Ugly Truth

President Barack Obama is reassuring Jewish supporters that his administration is committed to the security of Israel. He says: “We don’t compromise when it comes to Israel’s security.”

Obama was speaking to a group of campaign contributors at the Upper East Side home of Jack Rosen, a prominent businessman and chairman of the American Jewish Congress. Obama commented after Rosen mentioned “concerns” within the Jewish community about the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

Rosen added that America has never been as supportive of Israel’s security as it has been under Obama.

Obama said no ally is more important than the state of Israel.

Obama angered Israel’s supporters this year by asserting that negotiations over future Palestinian borders begin with lines Israel held before capturing the West Bank and Gaza in 1967.

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