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Barclays bank workers jailed for £1.3m fraud

BBC News – Barclays bank workers jailed for £1.3m fraud

(From L to R): Karl Edwards, Andrew Waters, Nathan Denton and Joseph Murphy


Two Barclays Bank workers have been jailed at Birmingham Crown Court for defrauding three elderly customers of £1.3m.

Karl Edwards, 44, who worked at Barclays in Birmingham, and Andrew Waters, 26, based at a Croydon branch, were each sentenced to five years. They used inside knowledge to pose as the relations of customers who held dormant accounts. Two other men, not Barclays employees, helped move the money offshore. All four men admitted fraud. Joseph Murphy, 36, from Carshalton, Surrey, was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison, and Nathan Denton, 37, from Water Orton, Staffordshire, got four-and-a-half years. The court heard that Waters had identified two large accounts, held by customers in their 80s, that had been dormant for a number of years. Edwards then used his more senior position to help set up access. ‘Slickly run’ The men then posed as relations of the account-holders, using fake passports and false bank accounts, the court heard. About £900,000 was removed from a joint account held by a couple, while £400,000 was taken from an account held by a woman. Only £51,000 has been recovered. The prosecution said the operation was “slickly run and rapidly achieved”. The court heard how Murphy and Waters had helped move the money “rapidly offshore”. West Midlands Police said all four men were identified from information held on their computers and mobile phones. Det Con Simon Hughes said the men had been arrested in May 2006, although Murphy had breached the terms of his bail and fled the country. He was rearrested in May 2010 at Los Angeles Airport. Det Con Hughes said: “The bankers deliberately targeted elderly wealthy victims who rarely checked their bank accounts. One victim had not been to the bank for over 20 years. “The bankers used their position of trust and access to confidential customer information as a vital link in the fraud.”

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US sets nuclear ultimatum for Iran – media

AFP Photo / Jack Guez

US sets nuclear ultimatum for Iran – media — RT

The US wants Tehran to curtail its nuclear program until spring 2012, otherwise they will give a green light to an Israeli strike on Iran. This is according to Israeli media reports. The spring is set as a deadline due to the exit of American forces from the region, Yedioth Ahronoth daily writes. In the absence of US forces, Israel can attack without American consent. The newspaper also quotes the Daily Beast website as claiming that Israel now has tens of billions of dollars worth of high-tech arms capable of “blinding and stunning” Iran at their disposal. So should a military action commence, Israel will not be content with just air raids and bombardment, but also will derail the internet and all kinds of digital and mobile communication in the country. The Jerusalem Post also writes on a possible Israeli attack on Iran, but warns it may well backfire on Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany. Earlier a veteran Russian diplomat warned that such an attack might harm US interests. International concerns over Iran’s nuclear program elevated once more in early November, as a freshly-released International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report alleged that it may be being used to develop a bomb. Rumors regarding an Israeli strike on Iran began circulating almost immediately. The IAEA is expected to vote on the newest resolution proposed by the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany on Friday. It calls on Tehran to increase its cooperation with the IAEA, but has received criticism for lacking a clear deadline on when the country should respond to the IAEA’s move.

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