From the Old Norse: Seidr is a type of Shamanistic folk magic and
Shamanic technique practised by solitary Witches and healers.
Traditionally – Seidr included both healing; shape-shifting, curses
& raising storms, etc. A good portion of Seid magic was concerned
with communication with spirits.

The term Seidr is most commonly translated as “Witchcraft”; and is used
to describe actions ranging from shamanic magic (such as spirit
journeys; magical healing by removing “spirit missiles” such as elf-shot
from the body, magical psychiatric treatment in the form of recovering
lost portions of the soul-complex, etc.), to prophecy, channelling the
Gods or the Gods’ voices through a human agent; performing magic that
affects weather or animal movements, as well as a wide range of malefic
magic. The single most characteristic element of Seidr – however – seems
to be magic of a type which works by affecting the mind by illusion,
madness, forgetfulness or other means.

The way in which to affect the mind is by a means of Transmigration
(projection into someone’s psyche) to transfix then transmit negative

The practitioner of Seidr was known as a Seid-Kona (seid-wife) or
Seid-Madhr (seid-man).

The Goddess Freyja is the patroness of Seidr.


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