My Rune Interpretations

Fehu. Material wealth, exchange, money & financial matters. The

Uruz. Courage, determination, health, strength. Thor, Eir.

Thurisaz. Thorn, protection, breakthrough, curses. Thor, The Thurses.

Ansuz. Communication, wisdom, mental clarity, study. Odin.

Raido. Travel, vehicle, progress.

Kenaz. Fire. Illumination, creativity, power. The Dark-Elves, Freyja.

Gebo. A gift,generosity.

Wunjo. Joy, pleasure, comfort.

Hagalaz. Hail, crisis-point, change, gestation. Motherhood. Hel.

Nauthiz. Need, necessity, patience, discipline in order to achieve.

Isa. Ice, inactivity, need for caution.

Jera. Year, harvest, gain, reward.

Eihwaz. Yew, stability, toughness, resilience, security.

Perthro. Chance, gamble, mystery. Wyrd, The Norns.

Algiz. Protection, defence.

Sowelo. Sun, victory, spiritual-fulfilment . Sunna.

Tiwaz. Justice, self-sacrifice. Tyr.

Berkano. Birch, birth, beginnings.

Ehwaz. Horse, travel, spiritual journey.

Mannaz. Man, humanity, culture, Midgard.

Laguz. Sea, water, intuition, emotional issues.

Ingwaz. Nature, peace, plenty, fertility. Ingvi-Frey

Dagaz. Day, clarity, safety.

Odal. Inheritance, property, the home. The Ancestors.

Rune Study.

By studying the Rune-Poems we can get a basic idea on their meanings. This is not as daunting as it seems. There is no need to learn them off by heart or try to cram them.

If you have many books on Runes you will find that the author is giving *their* interpretations of the Runes. This is fine but what has to be acknowledged is the fact that *they* are all gaining the material from the same source – the Rune-Poems.

Studying the rune poems are a good source of reference & guidance; but it is up to the individual as to how to interpret them – especially when it concerns divination.

The method that I use is to draw two Runes each day at random from a bag or some other receptacle, one in the morning & the next one in the evening. Do not worry if you have not got a set of Runes as you can cut 24 strips of paper & draw the Rune-Staves on them, these are then folded up & placed in your bag.

The next step is to monitor your day’s activities; no matter how insignificant your day has been, then look up the basic Rune-Meaning to see if there is anything in your day that corresponds to the Rune that was drawn in the morning; after that you then draw your evening rune & follow the same procedure – then look at the Rune-Poems to see if there is anything of significance.

After a few weeks of this study method you may find a pattern developing, this then becomes a *key* factor in your personal interpretation of the Runes.

You may find that keeping a journal of your experiences helps; you can use a written journal or open a new folder on your computer.



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