Blot & Sumbel

Heathen Rituals are simple & down to Earth.
There is no need for quarter-calling, elements or directions etc or any archaic language such as ‘Thou ‘ – ‘Thee’ or any of that nonsense ! (that’s for the Abrahamic Faiths) Just use your normal every-day speaking voice.
All that’s needed is a Drinking Horn or vessel of some-sort, & a bowl.

Blot :-

The Blot is the most common ritual within Heathenry
In its simplest form, a blot is making a sacrifice to the Gods.
In the old days, this was done by feasting on an animal which was consecrated to the Gods.
Today, the most common blot is an offering of mead or other alcoholic
beverage to the deities.

A blot can be a simple affair where a horn of mead is
consecrated to the Gods and then poured as a libation, or it can be a part of a larger ritual.

The blot consists of; the hallowing or consecrating of the offering, the sharing of the offering, and the libation.
The only tools required are mead, cider or beer, a horn , sprig of evergreen & a blot-bowl into which the libation will be made.

After the sharing of the offering-what is left is then poured into the blot-bowl, then the evergreen sprig is dipped into the contents of the blot-bowl then sprinkled around the area & people partaking in the blot.

The offering is then taken outside & poured onto the earth & a few words are said to the Gods by thanking them.

Sumbel :-

At a Sumbel toasts are drunk to the Gods, as well as to a persons ancestors or friends. Rather than a toast, a person might also offer a brag or story of some sort, or a song , poem or some project that they wish to undertake.

One format for the sumbel is to drink three rounds. The first is dedicated to the Gods, the second to ancestors and the third to recent ancestors, or friends which have passed from this world. An alternative to this is for the first round to be to the Gods, the second to an ancestor who has passed on, and the third a personal boast.

Sometimes there is a free-for-all where stories are told, toasts are made, and bragging is done until all gathered are in an altered state of consciousness ! (or under the table) LOL !


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