In modern terms, “Heathen” – using a capital ‘H’ is used for those who follow the Spiritual ways of Indigenous folks & ancestors of Northern Europe.
These folk were Polytheistic – unlike the “Neo-Pagan” movement of today!

Do we need saving?

If you think we need saving – by “Converting” to a Monotheistic Faith – then check-out this quote from non-other than Thomas Jefferson!

I was glad to find in your book a formal contradition, at length, of the judiciary usurpation of legislative powers; for such the judges have usurped in their repeated decisions, that Christianity is a part of the common law. The proof of the contrary, which you have adduced, is incontrovertible; to wit, that the common law existed while the Anglo-Saxons were yet Pagans, at a time when they had never yet heard the name of Christ pronounced, or knew that such a character had ever existed.

The Letters of Thomas Jefferson: 1743-1826


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